Sunday, November 29, 2015

Twilight Zone Gold Key Comics: NO:1

    Rod Sterling is the Name that comes to Mind when you come across The Term
" twilight Zone"Rod Sterling look alike Gave introduction to These Stories 
in This comics.Strange things and events are The main Themes of These Comics.
 I remember Enjoying many of These as a Kid....

                                                                              Twilight Zone Gold Key Comics: NO:2


Twilight Zone Gold Key Comics: NO:3


Monday, November 16, 2015

Willard price & Robert Arthur

Along with Enid blyton, The two Series of Boys adventures which made a Great Impact on Kids Minds was The Brother Duo of Hal and roger with their "Adventure Series" The series was penned by Willard Price, a Canadian. An ardent Traveler he visited many Places which became the setting for His Exciting Adventure Stories. the protagonists Hal and Roger were brothers whose father was John Hunt, a famous animal collector. These adventures are based on Animals for which These two goes about for collection for their father.the Most famous books in This Series are The Lion Adventure, Safari Adventure, South Sea adventure etc.....

                  The Second series are in Reality Investigation conducted into Various Mysteries by the Trio of Jupiter Jones, Pete crenshaw and Bob Andrews. Jupiter is the Brains as well as the leader of The Group.They called themselves "The Three Investigators" These series are presented by The Great Alfred Hitchcock. The Creator of the Three Investigators was Robert Arthur.many other writers like M V Carey and William Arden also wrote stories based on them. the popular titles in These Series are "The Mystery of Terror castle",The Mystery of the Fiery eye', The Mystery of the Nervous Lion etc........

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Sci Fun.........

SciFun magazine

These Magazines from Paico Publication made its appearance in Nov 1986. Like The Misha Magazine published from Russia,these Magazines were popular among the Young and the old.There was a Lot of Picture stories, puzzles, Informative articles,and All these are accompanied with Beautiful Illustrations.Collecting here Issues No1 to 10. No9 missing.