Sunday, June 21, 2015

Graphic Comics

 I love Reading Rerendering of the Vintage comics of The 1950s,1960s Etc. The art of Those times were great indeed.just look at Matt baker for Example. his ladies were gorgeous and not the Caricatures that you come across nowadays.Russ manning, Sy Barry,John Celerdo, Frank Frazetta,Matt Baker, John Sutton to name a few Greats !!!!! They Dont make Artists like Them anymore......

        Many publications including IDW, DC, Marvel and others have started Restoring and Collecting many Vintage comics and making them in Hardbounds and paperbacks at Attractive prices. It is a Blessing for us people who love Vintage comics and we are very Thankful that These Great art is not lost .........
All Comics shown in This Blog are part of my Collection.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

A new Graphic Fantasy.This tells the Story of king Alistair Therin,along with his companions,the Deadly pirate Isabela the Merchant Varric Tethras travels to Antiva- The so called nation of Assasins to find out about his Father King Maric.The other two Volumes take the Adventerous Trio to Various kingdoms in Search of King maric.The Graphic novels Deal with thier adventures against Assasins, Evil Mages and terrifying magic.Endowed with Beautiful art these Hard bounds are a muct for fantasy, Adventure Fans....... 
Published by Dark Horse comics.
All Comics shown in this Blog are part of my collection.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

It all started in 1997 when a TV series became a mega Hit. Starring Sarah Michelle Celler in the Title role, Buffy the Vamire slayer Became a Household Tv show and was very popular among both The Young and The old.

later on many Novels and Short stories featuring buffy, her Friends Willow, Xander cordelia and her Boyfriend, The vampire Angel hit the stands.

These are the Graphic Novels of the Great vampire hunter, buffy. Tales of vampires has always mesmerised me and these Graphic Novels are no exception.
All Comics and graphic Novels shown in This Blog are part of my collection. 

Sunday, June 14, 2015

 Tarzan of The Apes

Just Like Phantom, Ghost who walks,This Super Hero does not have any Super powers.The Reason Why he is my Most Favourite Comic Character. The stories by the Great Edgar rice Burroughs was Immortalised By th Great Tarzan Artists Like Russ manning, John Celerdo,Joe Cubert,Burne Hogarth Etc.
              loved the Art especially of John Celerdo Because ,
Vidyarthi Mithram, a Publishing House from kottayam in Kerala, My own state Published some 30 odd Tarzan comics Called Tarzan, Apornas Son based on Celerdo's Art.Kiran Publication also published many Tarzan comics in India.
I am very fortunate in having many of These comics in Fine condition.

All Comics shown in this blog are part of my Collection.

Steel Claw
I have been searching for these comics for Long..I had read these as a Child Titled" Irumbu Kai mayavi" in Malayalam. These were also published by the same name in Tamil.These British comics are all in Black and White amd the Art is outstanding.The Series Started in 1962 and was an Instant Success.A Lab accident robs Louis Crandell His hand. And The replaced Steel hand as Conduit to a vast jolt of Electricity making him Invisible Except his hand launches the story. the stories goes at Breakneck speed. He is not your Ordinary Super hero.At times we see Crandell as a Super Villian too. These stories are a Welcome change from The "Holier than Thou" super heroes we are accoustomed with......
On the Right a Tamil version of "Steel claws" titled "Irimbu Kai Mayavi"

Highly Recommended. Got this one from Amazon

All Comics shown in this blog are part of my Collection.

Saturday, June 13, 2015


These Comics Was Published in The 1980s and ran for around Two Years.Based on the 
Super Star Amitabh Bachan. These were published by Star comics.There were around
10 comics in this series.Now a Vintage Comic it is Much sought after by Collectors.......

All Comics shown in this blog are part of my Collection.

 Misha. !!!!!!!

All Comics shown in this blog are part of my Collection.

I have been searching for this Gems for a Long Time.It was very popular in the late eighties and Early Nineties.It was a Children"s Illustrated Monthy which included Illustrations, letters Column,short stories, Folk tales,Mail bag,photo Album and many Goodies for Children.This magazine was published in Various languages like English, french,german Italian,mangolian, russian and Spanish.It was founded in 1983 and was published by Soviet Union Magazine.By the Middle of the 1990s the Publication came to an End.Now I am the proud owner of twenty Odd Misha magazine !!!!!!!