Friday, May 5, 2017

Vintage Malayalam Comics......

        While Indrajals and Amar Chithra Katha was making Inroads all over India, there was a comic Boom in the Little state of kerala. A Number of Publications began churning out comics. The Most Famous Malayalam publication of Course was "Vidyarthi Mithram" which Published a Lot of  comics Like Tatrzan, Apornas Son, Inspector Vikram, Inspector Garud etc. They also Published many Phantom and Mandrake comics. They were very popular from the early 1970s. I remember reading a Lot of Tarzan and Inspector Vikram in those times.(They Published nearly 40 Tarzan Titles)

  Second in Popularity is the Other Publishing Giant "Regal Comics" They also came out with Tarzan and Mandrake but in a Larger Size Comics.The Cover art in both these comics were outstanding. Apart from these  Famous publications like Poomala Chitra Katha are the most popular and they published many Issues mainly stories from Puranas..Balarama Amar Chithra katha published titles mainly seen from the ACK issues. Other publications from Essar Publication,  Sathi ,Narmada Top Comics Etc issued comics in the 1980s and 1990s
The strange thing here is you find multicolored mono Panels of three Different colors in the same comic ( one shown below)


  1. Thanxs Aroon for sharing such vintage comics.. Would be excellent if you can share scanned versions of these books.. Also, the Hatim series etc.. this way these books can be preserved in digital format.. I checked your old posts, King Pepe's Bride (Indrajaal) does not has a download option. Would be great, if you can enable the same.

    1. Abhishek, All these PDF files can be Viewed and Enjoyed......

    2. how can i download poomala chitra katha?

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