Sunday, June 21, 2015

Graphic Comics

 I love Reading Rerendering of the Vintage comics of The 1950s,1960s Etc. The art of Those times were great indeed.just look at Matt baker for Example. his ladies were gorgeous and not the Caricatures that you come across nowadays.Russ manning, Sy Barry,John Celerdo, Frank Frazetta,Matt Baker, John Sutton to name a few Greats !!!!! They Dont make Artists like Them anymore......

        Many publications including IDW, DC, Marvel and others have started Restoring and Collecting many Vintage comics and making them in Hardbounds and paperbacks at Attractive prices. It is a Blessing for us people who love Vintage comics and we are very Thankful that These Great art is not lost .........
All Comics shown in This Blog are part of my Collection.

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