Saturday, April 30, 2016

Dracula,the King of the Vampires !!

                            Of all The supernatural Beings,Vampire has a Special Place in 

literature.The Were wolf and The Frankenstein Monster and Zombies are a Little 
behind the Vampire in Popularity. Though there was mention of the blood sucking 
Beings in Literature long ages back,The Vampire came into prominence in 1897 
with the publishing of the Greatest vampire novel of all time "Dracula" by Bram 
Stoker,An Irish writer. it is said that this was one of the Most widely read book in
all literature after the Bible.

             Bram Stokers Great Character was immortalized on screen by the Great Bela

 Lugosi and Christopher lee. Lee brought a Certain Nobleness and Regal bearing to the 
otherwise Hounded Blood sucker.One lee himself told in an Interview How he tried to 
portray the Character as an immortal Being whose profound loneliness which should be 
appreciated. For Christopher Lee the world of Dracula is summed up in these words
 uttered by Dracula to Jonathan when he visited Dracula's castle."Enter freely and of
 your own free will! Come freely, Go safely And leave something of the happiness you 
bring !!

           we find so many Books comics and Films based on this Immortal Character.One

 Comic version I loved immensely was the "Tomb of Dracula " these Comics
 Version Draculas wars with Vanhelsing, Quincy Harker and Doctor Sun makes
 Enthralling Reading.We also come across Many Charcters Like Blade, and Vampire 
Detective Hannibal King. 

 These magnificent Stories are penned by marv Wolfman, Chris Claremont and david 

Anthony Kraft.Artwork be Gene Colon and Don Heck.I really enjoyed the Hard 
hitting ,fast moving Comics.

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