Saturday, May 6, 2017

Bahadur and Abid Surti

Bahadur and Abid Surti

           1970s....... It evokes such memories embedded in a Kid's Heart and mind.Born and brought up in a Small town in North kerala,Where when it rains it rains in Buckets and Springs brings all that is colorful and beautiful to the fore. The decade of hippism, Bell Bottom pants,  Amitabh Bachan Hair cut,Marble games,cricket played in Narrow lanes with bat made of Coconut tree Branches....... The list is endless. One even has a hazy memory of the Dark days of emergency. Liquid images and conversations about the brutality of the police Raj with Moms warning "Dont go out with your long hair. the police are sure to trim your hair down". the anxiety to explore Inside the tooth paste packet of"Binaca Tooth paste where if you are lucky might get a Beautiful Animal toy.the Soda bottles with the marble as the Stopper and perhaps the most gigantic and most beautiful film ever made to a kids Heart; Sholay which came out in 1975. The list of dreams are endless........

       And then there was Bahadur. I dont think I was more enthralled by anything else when I got my hand on the Indrajal Issue No:267 "The Red Bricks House". The Character was created by Abid Surti, an award winning author. This issue presented to the reader(in this case me) a world of Action, dynamic Dialogues, Revenge and Dacoitry. Indeed in later years It is very clear the Impact of Sholay had on the First issue. Both in the Movie and the Comics there are flash backs on why the protagonists are out for revenge, The Social evil of Dacoitry which was rampant in many ares of North India(Remember Phoolan devi?) Both the film and the comics Gives Great characters Apart from the main Heroes. Gabbar Singh as the Notorious Villian, and Sanjeev kumar playing the role of Thakkur baldev singh as the Indomitable police officer. Shaistan Singh as the evil dacoit and Vishal, the Brave Police Officer. Bahadur Captured the Heart of Thousands and at least to an Indian was on par with phantom or mandrake.

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