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Tarzan, Apornas Son

Tarzan, Apornas Son 

Of All the Super heroes Tarzan is one of my Favourite due to various Reasons.
He is Down to earth character who does not have any Super Human powers or weapons to aid him in his fight against Evil. The Jungle lord is Still as Mysterious as Phantom, Ghost who walks who also spends a majority of his time in the Jungle, indeed Both live in the Jungle. 
     The art in the Tarzan comics was embellished by such greats as Burne Hogarth,Russ Manning,Joe Kubert and John Celerdo to name a few.  I was enthralled as a Kid by the Art of John Celerdo who was the artist in all “Tarzan, Apornas Son” series published by Vidyarthi Mithram, a publishing house in Kottayam, Kerala. 
     "Apornas Son" or son of an ape is an issue originally published from Finland. This issue has certain oddities. In the first few issues Indian Pricing is not evident. The word " Pris" is noted instead of Rs which was printed after the 10 issue. Another oddity was the Famous VM emblem was inprinted only after the 10 issue.
Many has asked me about another oddity. In sharp contrast with other Indian comics the later issues of Tarzan Apornas are more rarer and hard to find. The reason could be by the late 1970s there was more interest in the issues of Phantom and Mandrake which VM has started publishing.So this limited print run was the major cause of the rarity of the later VM Tarzan issues.

 But for all the faults these VM Tarzan are now highly collectible. One glaring defect in the inner art of these Panels done by Celerdo is that One Pane will have outstanding art and the very next Panel quite mediocre one giving one a strong suspicion that another filled in for Celerdo in the daily panels.At the same time I found consistent Great art in some Titles Notably “Rebels from Christonia” , “The Jungle Girl and the witch Doctor “ , “The Mad professor” The Masked Avenger”, “The Sunken City, “The bait” etc. The series Started in 1974 and Published nearly 40 Titles.

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